Where do I find AC Unit Services in Dallas, GA?

AC unit services are considered essential as this maintenance is done to ensure that your air conditioning unit is performing at its optimum and desired efficiency level. Regular AC unit services Dallas, GA must be implemented to keep this going.

Western Aire Heating & Cooling offers a comprehensive AC unit service structure. What’s also included? Air conditioning repair services. Our team of qualified technicians repairs and services all makes and brands of AC units.

What Happens During An AC Unit Service?

The first step is air conditioning checkup and cleaning. The AC unit is checked to see if there is any water dripping from the tubes or pipes in the AC unit. While this is being done, the removal of dirt and debris will be done to clean your AC as a means to enhance your unit’s performance. Next up is fan and air filter cleaning. During operation your AC collects a whole lot of dust and debris, this is cleaned out as it prevents problems such as ice formation in the AC or having your AC not cooling.

It is also important for the fan to be cleaned and washed as dust and mold build up on it. The AC evaporator and condenser is cleaned there after the coolant level is checked. With dust and dirt allowing your AC unit to overheat the condenser coil is also cleaned.  The last and final step of air conditioning repair is an overall inspection to ensure all the required services are performed and all major components are put back together.

What Can You Do If Your Heater Decides To Go Out?

Almost 5 in 10 homes in the US use natural gas as a source of energy. If your heater makes use of natural gas and suddenly breaks down, the first thing you should do is pay attention to any odors.

If your house begins to smell like rotten eggs, a gas leak is possible! That is actually the sulfuric smell of mercaptan. Once you get such odors, leave your home right away.

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