Luck Be A Lass: Western Aire’s Guide to Creating Your Own Luck (HVAC, IAQ, and Otherwise)

Top-o-the-Mornin’ Dallas, Georgia! Even though it’s March (the month of four leaf clovers and pots of gold) don’t rely on luck to replace regular maintenance when it comes to your HVAC system. Benjamin Franklin said, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” Western Aire wants to help you be diligent in making sure your indoor air quality is pristine and healthy, and that your HVAC system continues to perform at its best as seasons change (it’s about to get nice and hot here in Bartow, Cobb, Carroll, Douglas, Paulding, and Polk counties.) Reliable heating, cooling, and clean indoor air don’t just happen by luck. Call us at (770) 505-7426 or visit us at to schedule a time for one of our reliable, skilled technicians to come out and help you create your own HVAC “luck”. In the meantime, here are a few “fun” ways to drum up some luck this March!

Be Intentional About It

When you want something good to happen, it helps to have faith you’ll achieve it, coupled with action steps to make it happen. Journaling has been shown to be helpful in making dreams a reality. The act of writing things down can help identify and organize goals, track progress, raise your confidence, and even strengthen your memory.

Visualize It

It may sound a little “woo woo”, but visualization is a tried and true technique to get you closer to your goals. Apps like Envision help guide you through the multi-sensory act of seeing your future as you wish it to be, and resources like Ted Talks by Ashanti Johnson (“The Power of Visualization”) and Maria Rahajeng (“How I Visualized My Dreams Into Reality”) will encourage you to take steps toward your vision. The aptly named “Vision Board” (a collage of words and images representing your wishes and goals) is also a useful tool to motivate and inspire. Learn how to make one here.

Lucky Charms

If it feels good, there’s certainly no reason not to carry around a good luck charm or two. If you don’t have a favorite already, take a look at talismans from around the world. It seems every culture has their own little symbol of luck, like acorns (Sweden), elephants (Thailand and India), pigs (Germany), and of course, the four leaf clover (Ireland).


Western Aire wishes you good luck and much prosperity. May the road rise to meet ya! We look forward to helping you with all your residential and commercial cooling and heating services. We can also help analyze your current HVAC systems with the goal of helping you conserve money and energy. That way, when you get your bill in the future, you can say, “Well, aren’t I lucky!”

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